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All Aboard the Prize Train! Today (Sun, Jul 21, 2024), the Double Your Dollars (#681) $10 ticket is your first-class ticket to big wins! With a top prize of $100,000, it offers a chance to board the prize train and ride it all the way to the jackpot station. The Bonus Match Doubler (#719) might be a comfortable ride, but its prize potential keeps you at the local stop. In the last week, a lucky player snagged a life-changing 177777 on a $10 ticket for Electric 7s on Saturday, July 20, 2024.
Activity for $10 tickets in Oklahoma since Sun, Jul 14, 2024.
  • Number sold: 82,679
  • Total Revenue: $826,790
  • Number redeemed: 22,090
  • Prize value claimed: $587,624
Game #
Top Prize
681Double Your Dollars$10-0.129$100,000-$1.29
697On The Money$10-0.153$125,000-$1.53
676Silver 7s$10-0.194$125,000-$1.94
702Max Money$10-0.198$100,000-$1.98
730Triple Cash Payout$10-0.234$100,000-$2.34
710$50 or $100 Blowout$10-0.259$100-$2.59
751$50 or $100 Blowout$10-0.260$100-$2.60
746$100,000 Blast$10-0.263$100,000-$2.63
749Six Figures$10-0.269$100,000-$2.69
644$1,000 Loaded$10-0.278$1,000-$2.78
739Electric 7s$10-0.286$177,777-$2.86
719Bonus Match Doubler$10-0.322$150,000-$3.22