Scratch Off Odds
Uncover Hidden Gems: Advertise with Us and Reach Scratch-Off Enthusiasts A treasure trove buzzing with excitement, where millions of users actively explore, engage, and spend... all within a stone's throw of scratch-off tickets! This isn't some fantasy land; it's the reality within our unique network. We offer two prime advertising destinations
Interactive In-Store Kiosks
Nestled in high-traffic convenience stores and retail outlets, our kiosks are magnets for lottery players. They're not just dispensers; they're hubs of scratch-off info, game details, hot numbers, and even interactive win calculators. This engaged audience spends an average of 5 minutes per session, immersed in the world of instant wins.
Engaging Lottery Website
Our dynamic website is a virtual playground for people seeking lottery updates, winning stories, and a community of fellow enthusiasts. It's a vibrant space where your brand can shine alongside the latest scratch-off buzz.
Why Advertise with Us? Scratch the Surface of Our Advantages:
  • Captive Audience: Reach millions of scratch-off players actively seeking information, entertainment, and, yes, their next lucky ticket. Our in-store kiosks and website are where purchase intent meets engaged exploration.
  • Targeted Exposure: Go beyond demographics. Choose from a variety of ad formats and locations to target specific scratch-off game preferences, hot numbers, and even winning trends. Laser-focus your message on the most receptive audience.
  • Interactive Engagement: Forget passive banners. Our platform allows for eye-catching video ads, interactive polls, and even sponsored content related to scratch-off strategies and trends. Make your brand an active part of the lottery conversation.
  • Measurable Results: Track your campaign's success with granular analytics. See how your ad resonates with different scratch-off segments, which formats drive clicks and conversions, and optimize your campaign for maximum ROI.
  • Data-Driven Optimization: We leverage cutting-edge technology and audience insights to deliver ads that are relevant, timely, and impactful. Scratch the surface of hidden trends and preferences to craft ads that truly connect.
Ready to Unearth a Winning Partnership?

We have limited spots available for our advertising program. Contact us for information about how to get in on the ground level!