Welcome to the Scratch Off Odds Lottery Analyzer for Oklahoma! Here you'll find an overview of the best (and worst) scratch off tickets.
The best tickets to buy typically have a larger percentage of top prizes remaining compared to how many tickets are still in circulation.
Game #TitlePriceROITop PrizeProfit
599Stocking Stuffer$14.554$3,000$4.55
600Lucky 7 Tripler$2-0.166$18,000-$0.33
607Millionaire Extraordinaire$30-0.229$1,000,000-$6.86
597$250,000 Stacks of Cash$20-0.239$250,000-$4.79
590Cash Explosion$20-0.249$250,000-$4.98
609Dazzling Diamonds$10-0.259$125,000-$2.59
583Blazing Hot 7's$10-0.260$125,000-$2.60
604Mega Bucks$10-0.261$100,000-$2.61
589$50 or $100 Blowout$10-0.261$100-$2.61
565Cash Explosion$20-0.265$250,000-$5.29