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Calling All Dreamers! Fuel your ambitions on Sun, Jul 21, 2024 with the HOT BINGO Multiplier (#1602) $3 ticket! It boasts a top prize of $150,000, giving you the chance to turn your dreams into reality. The JUMBO BUCKS CROSSWORD (#1045) might be a reliable pick, but its prize potential is more suited for everyday wins. In the last week, someone struck gold with a 200000 win on a $3 ticket for 15X THE MONEY EXCLUSIVE on Saturday, July 20, 2024.
Activity for $3 tickets in Georgia since Sun, Jul 14, 2024.
  • Number sold: 739,111
  • Total Revenue: $2,217,333
  • Number redeemed: 179,829
  • Prize value claimed: $1,510,920
Game #
Top Prize
1602HOT BINGO Multiplier$3-0.167$150,000-$0.50
115515X THE MONEY EXCLUSIVE$3-0.188$200,000-$0.56
1786BINGO FRENZY$3-0.271$150,000-$0.81
1794$100,000 JUMBO CASH CASHWORD$3-0.273$100,000-$0.82
1730FLAMING HOT 7s$3-0.284$177,777-$0.85
1756HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024$3-0.291$20,244-$0.87
1777$250 CASH CRAZE$3-0.294$150,000-$0.88
1743BINGO POWER SHOT$3-0.303$150,000-$0.91
1659BULLSEYE BINGO$3-0.305$150,000-$0.91
176315X CASHWORD$3-0.306$150,000-$0.92
1576HIT $300 BINGO$3-0.311$150,000-$0.93
1706$3 BIG GEORGIA RAFFLE$3-0.315$150,000-$0.94
1684NEW YEAR'S TRIPLER 2023$3-0.325$20,233-$0.97
141915X THE MONEY$3-0.329$150,000-$0.99
1747Gifts Galore$3-0.334$150,000-$1.00
1679WHAT'S UNDER THE TREE?$3-0.364$150,000-$1.09
1412JUMBO BUCKS Crossword$3-0.367$100,000-$1.10
17127X BINGO Multiplier$3-0.386$170,000-$1.16
1663POWER 3s CASHWORD$3-0.395$130,000-$1.18
1362PATH TO RICHES$3-0.398$100,000-$1.19
1727EXTRA! EXTRA! CASHWORD$3-0.398$150,000-$1.19
1425Cherry, Orange, Lemon, Triple$3-0.406$125,000-$1.22
16182022 HAPPY NEW YEAR$3-0.410$20,222-$1.23
109515X THE MONEY$3-0.488$150,000-$1.46
1045JUMBO BUCKS CROSSWORD$3-0.488$100,000-$1.46