Scratch Off Odds


Best Game
Don't just play scratch-offs, play to win! MAGNIFICENT 7S is your key to maximizing your chances. This $10 lottery ticket boasts the coveted $500,000 as the top prize. Choose this game! 0.290 ROI and $2.90 expected value make it a top contender.
Top Prize
Strike it Rich! Grab the grand prize with 500X THE MONEY! This $50 ticket boasts the highest top prize of $7,000,000 among the games we ranked. With a projected ROI of -0.167, this game offers an expected value of -$8.36.
Game #
Top Prize
2274MAGNIFICENT 7S$100.290$500,000$2.90
2223$1 Million Spectacular$100.042$1,000,000$0.42
2259$10,000 A Month$20-0.009$1,200,000-$0.18
2215Diamond Bonus Crossword$10-0.070$300,000-$0.70
2254VIP CASH$10-0.110$500,000-$1.10
2150$326,000,000 FORTUNE$50-0.149$5,000,000-$7.44
2281Show Me The Millions$10-0.150$1,000,000-$1.50
2249Virginia Millions$20-0.165$1,000,000-$3.30
2267500X THE MONEY$50-0.167$7,000,000-$8.36
2232Cash Is King$20-0.179$500,000-$3.58
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Calling all dreamers and believers! Our top ten lottery scratch-off games, updated for Sunday, July 21, 2024, are fueled by possibility! The past week has been a testament to dreams coming true, with $14,601,031 claimed by $2,571,061 lucky winners. With 2,571,061 tickets already sold and $20,465,835 spent, there's still room for more dreamers to win! Check out our top ten ranked games below and see if your dreams can become reality with a scratch!