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Best Game
Level up your lottery game with Millionaire's Club! This $20 scratch-off offers a strategic edge, potentially leading you to the $2,000,000 jackpot. This game boasts an ROI of -0.181, offering an expected value of -$3.62.
Top Prize
Play Smart, Win Big! Millionaire's Club offers the top prize of $2,000,000, making it a great choice. But our top ten are packed with exciting options! Try a game for the $SECOND_HIGHEST-PRIZE with 200X the Cash. Check out this game's ROI of -0.205 and expected value of -$4.10.
Game #
Top Prize
1478Hit $500$10-0.569$500-$5.69
1504Hit $50$1-0.554$50-$0.55
1477Hit $250$5-0.530$250-$2.65
1492Lady Jumbo Bucks Crossword$3-0.506$100,000-$1.52
1513The Rolling Jackpot$1-0.498$5,000-$0.50
14263 Times Lucky$1-0.494$9,000-$0.49
1476Hit $100$2-0.473$100-$0.95
1530Cherry Twist Doubler$1-0.470$5,000-$0.47
1514The Rolling Jackpot$2-0.468$30,000-$0.94
1550Win It All$1-0.458$5,000-$0.46
State Activity
Winning streak continues! Our top ten lottery scratch-off games, as of Sunday, July 21, 2024, are on a roll! The past week has been a whirlwind of winning, with a whopping $15,982,971 redeemed from $2,754,095 lucky tickets. With so many winners already, could you be next? 2,754,095 tickets have been sold for a total of $19,688,348, but there are still top prizes waiting to be revealed. Check out the top ten and see if your lucky scratch-off awaits!