Scratch Off Odds


Best Game
Top the leaderboard in the world of scratch-offs with Holiday 50X the Money! This $10 lottery ticket is your gateway to potentially winning the $500,000. This game targets a -0.070, translating to an expected value of -$0.70.
Top Prize
Dreaming Big? Aim for the ultimate prize! Look no further than Extreme Millions, the $30 ticket with a life-changing top prize of $10,000,000! This option boasts an ROI of -0.146, translating to an expected value of -$4.38 on average.
Game #
Top Prize
749Holiday 50X the Money$10-0.070$500,000-$0.70
519Platinum Diamond Spectacular$20-0.078$2,000,000-$1.55
433Extreme Millions$30-0.146$10,000,000-$4.38
552Cash Celebration$30-0.154$1,000,000-$4.61
760Emerald 7s$5-0.173$100,000-$0.86
368Max the Money$30-0.180$10,000,000-$5.41
840Limited Edition$5-0.201$500-$1.00
461$5 Million Payout$20-0.212$5,000,000-$4.23
488$100 Million Cash Extravaganza$20-0.214$5,000,000-$4.27
824Crazy Luck$2-0.229$500-$0.46
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Gamers, Assemble! Ready to level up your lottery game? Our top ten ranked scratch-off picks (as of Sunday, July 21, 2024) are like boss battles waiting to be conquered! The past week has seen a victory royale of sorts, with claimed by savvy players. Don't get left behind with tickets already sold for a total of , there are still top prizes waiting to be claimed. See the ranked list below and strategize your next scratch-off move!