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Break the scratch-off mold with 200X Cash Blitz! This $30 lottery ticket stands out with its incredible value and the potential to win the $4,000,000. This option boasts an ROI of -0.257, translating to an expected value of -$7.70 on average.
Top Prize
Strategic Play & Beyond! 200X Cash Blitz takes the top prize crown with $4,000,000. Want more options? Our top ten feature games with the $1,000,000 like 100X CASH BLITZ. This game offers a potential return on investment (ROI) of -0.271, with an expected value of -$5.42.
Game #
Top Prize
1870200X Cash Blitz$30-0.257$4,000,000-$7.70
1874100X CASH BLITZ$20-0.271$1,000,000-$5.42
1866$1,000,000 Spectacular$10-0.272$1,000,000-$2.72
1896Colossal Crossword$30-0.274$600,000-$8.22
1844$1,000,000 Platinum Payout$20-0.281$1,000,000-$5.61
1816$50,000 Loaded$30-0.281$50,000-$8.43
1797$1,000,000 Diamond Spectacula$20-0.283$1,000,000-$5.65
1812$20,000 Loaded$20-0.287$20,000-$5.74
1848COLOSSAL CROSSWORD$30-0.287$600,000-$8.62
1637$1,000,000 RICHES$20-0.288$1,000,000-$5.76
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