Scratch Off Odds


Best Game
When it comes to value in scratch-off tickets, 200X THE MONEY reigns supreme! This budget-friendly $20 lottery scratcher offers the exciting potential of winning the $2,000,000. $TOP_GAME_NAME boasts an ROI of 0.386, offering a top-tier expected value of $7.71.
Top Prize
Big Dreams, Small Investment? The $30 ticket for $300 MILLION CASH EXPLOSION is your affordable shot at big wins! It offers the highest top prize of $10,000,000 among our top ten. At an ROI of -0.157, this game translates to an expected average return of -$4.71.
Game #
Top Prize
322200X THE MONEY$200.386$2,000,000$7.71
21$100 MILLION CASH BONANZA$20-0.128$4,000,000-$2.56
349MERRY MONEY$20-0.129$300,000-$2.57
198$300 MILLION CASH EXPLOSION$30-0.157$10,000,000-$4.71
183$1,000 IN A FLASH$10-0.160$1,000,000-$1.60
367MILLIONAIRE BLOWOUT$50-0.182$5,000,000-$9.10
375BIG RICHES$30-0.200$3,000,000-$6.00
377MILLIONAIRE BUCKS$30-0.200$3,000,000-$6.01
35924K GOLD$20-0.210$2,000,000-$4.20
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Gamers, Assemble! Ready to level up your lottery game? Our top ten ranked scratch-off picks (as of Sunday, July 21, 2024) are like boss battles waiting to be conquered! The past week has seen a victory royale of sorts, with claimed by savvy players. Don't get left behind with tickets already sold for a total of , there are still top prizes waiting to be claimed. See the ranked list below and strategize your next scratch-off move!