Scratch Off Odds


Best Game
Level up your scratch-off strategy with Ultimate $500,000! This $20 lottery ticket gives you the best shot at winning the $500,000. An ROI of 0.302 translates to a statistically strong expected value of $6.04 for this game.
Top Prize
Variety is the Spice of Scratching! While Ultimate $500,000 boasts the top prize of $500,000, our top ten offer diverse options! Try a game with the $SECOND_HIGHEST-PRIZE like All Cash. This game boasts an ROI of -0.253, offering an expected value of -$5.06.
Game #
Top Prize
1501Ultimate $500,000$200.302$500,000$6.04
1534Fun 5s$5-0.154$155,555-$0.77
149888 Fortunes Diamond®$5-0.161$88,888-$0.80
1546High Roller$5-0.241$100,000-$1.20
1562$250,000 Bankroll$10-0.252$250,000-$2.52
1554All Cash$20-0.253$500,000-$5.06
1524Power 100x$20-0.256$500,000-$5.12
1535Wild Numbers$10-0.257$200,000-$2.57
1549Golden Nugget® $100,000$5-0.279$100,000-$1.40
1550Golden Nugget® $200,000$10-0.288$200,000-$2.88
State Activity
Ready to strike it rich? Our top ten lottery scratch-off games, updated for Sunday, July 21, 2024, are overflowing with potential! The past week has seen a windfall of $3,245,216 claimed from $1,446,675 winning tickets. With 1,446,675 tickets already sold for a total of $4,742,223, could you be the next big winner? Check out our top ten and see if your lucky scratch awaits!