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Escape the Prize Grind! Tired of the everyday prize grind? On Sun, Jul 21, 2024, the HIT $100 (#945) $2 ticket offers a top prize of $100, your chance to escape the grind and potentially win big! The Quick $20's (#791) is a familiar option, but its prize potential keeps you firmly planted in the everyday. Speaking of big wins, someone snagged a whopping $30,000 on a $2 ticket for Big Money Spectacular last week (Saturday, July 20, 2024).
Activity for $2 tickets in Kentucky since Sun, Jul 14, 2024.
  • Number sold: -2,216,797
  • Total Revenue: -$4,433,594
  • Number redeemed: 47,223
  • Prize value claimed: $275,075
Game #
Top Prize
945HIT $100$2-0.368$100-$0.74
711$2 Break Fort Knox$2-0.387$15,000-$0.77
821Triple Play$2-0.388$15,000-$0.78
888Precious Metals Silver$2-0.395$20,000-$0.79
91720X The Cash$2-0.411$25,000-$0.82
839$100 Loaded!$2-0.416$25,000-$0.83
923Lucky Clovers$2-0.418$15,000-$0.84
928Big Money Spectacular$2-0.423$30,000-$0.85
897Lucky 13$2-0.432$13,000-$0.86
905Betty Boop$2-0.433$10,000-$0.87
849Crazy Luck HD$2-1.500$-$3.00
874Wild Numbers 10X$2-1.500$-$3.00
882Hot $100's$2-1.500$-$3.00
791Quick $20's$2-1.500$-$3.00