Scratch Off Odds


Best Game
Dominate the scratch-off game with MEGA MULTIPLIER! This $30 lottery ticket boasts the top prize of $250,000, making it the cream of the crop. With a projected ROI of -0.162, this game offers an expected value of -$4.86.
Top Prize
Level Up Your Lottery Game! The ultimate game-changer is here PREMIER PLAY! This $50 ticket holds the key to the biggest top prize we've seen a whopping $500,000. Consider this game for a potential ROI of -0.208 and an expected value of -$10.42.
Game #
Top Prize
334MEGA MULTIPLIER$30-0.162$250,000-$4.86
356SPARKLING CASH WISHES$10-0.173$75,000-$1.73
375PREMIER PLAY$50-0.208$500,000-$10.42
350CASH FLOW$20-0.214$150,000-$4.28
316300X BLITZ$30-0.228$300,000-$6.85
339CHIEFS KINGDOM$10-0.236$75,000-$2.36
265WIN $100,000$20-0.237$100,000-$4.74
323SUPER LOTERIA$5-0.240$50,000-$1.20
371$100, $200 OR $500!$20-0.247$500-$4.94
379300X CASH BLITZ$30-0.257$300,000-$7.70
State Activity
Is your lucky ticket out there? Our top ten lottery scratch-off games, updated for Sunday, July 21, 2024, are brimming with excitement! Just this past week, a lucky bunch of players redeemed a staggering $2,567,841 prize pool from -$889,279 winning tickets. Don't be left behind -889,279 tickets have already been snatched up for a total of -$7,321,310. See if your lucky scratcher is hiding among our top ten games!