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Level Up Your Prize Game! Take your shot at prize glory on Sun, Jul 21, 2024 with the 10X® THE CASH (#1551) $1 ticket! With a top prize of $10,000, it offers the chance to level up your prize game to epic proportions. The $500 A WK FOR LIFE (#1490) is a solid choice, but its prize potential keeps things more low-level.
Activity for $1 tickets in Florida since Sun, Jul 14, 2024.
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Game #
Top Prize
155110X® THE CASH$1-0.377$10,000-$0.38
5023$10,000 HOLIDAY WINNINGS$1-0.387$10,000-$0.39
5044FLORIDA 10X THE CASH$1-0.387$10,000-$0.39
150610X THE CASH$1-0.389$10,000-$0.39
1544$10,000 TRIPLE MATCH$1-0.392$10,000-$0.39
1525$1 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER$1-0.394$10,000-$0.39
1540FAST BUCKS$1-0.395$5,000-$0.40
5032TRIPLE TRIPLER$1-0.396$5,000-$0.40
5050CA$H ON THE SPOT$1-0.399$5,000-$0.40
1507WILD DOUGH$1-0.402$5,000-$0.40
7026FIRE AND DICE$1-0.402$5,000-$0.40
1536$50 FRENZY$1-0.406$50-$0.41
1482HIT $50$1-0.406$5,000-$0.41
50223 TIMES LUCKY$1-0.412$3,000-$0.41
1496HOT DICE$1-0.413$5,000-$0.41
50202 FOR $1$1-0.414$10,000-$0.41
7024TIC TAC MULTIPLIER$1-0.415$5,000-$0.41
146610X THE CASH$1-0.421$10,000-$0.42
5030$50 EXPLOSION$1-0.423$50-$0.42
1502PERFECT 10s$1-0.430$5,000-$0.43
1515$5,000 CROSSWORD$1-0.444$5,000-$0.44
1459$1 MONOPOLY BONUS SPECTACULAR$1-0.461$10,000-$0.46
1532$25K A YR FOR LIFE$1-0.480$1,000-$0.48
1509$1 MONOPOLY DOUBLER$1-0.487$10,000-$0.49
1478$1 GOLD RUSH SUPREME$1-0.507$10,000-$0.51
1490$500 A WK FOR LIFE$1-0.512$1,000-$0.51