Scratch Off Odds


Best Game
Want to maximize your scratch-off wins? 30X Cash 10th Edition is your secret weapon! This $30 lottery ticket delivers exceptional value, with the $30,000 as the ultimate reward. This option offers a potential ROI of -0.039, resulting in an expected value of -$1.16.
Top Prize
Unlock the Ultimate Prize! Don't miss out on Millionaire Maker! This $30 ticket boasts the unmatched top prize, the $1,000,000 the biggest one on our list. This game's ROI sits at -0.252, resulting in an expected value of -$7.56.
Game #
Top Prize
168030X Cash 10th Edition$30-0.039$30,000-$1.16
1774Millionaire Maker$30-0.252$1,000,000-$7.56
1790$4,000,000 Fortune$50-0.265$500,000-$13.26
1751$500,000 CASHWORD$30-0.269$500,000-$8.07
1779Cash Royale$20-0.274$200,000-$5.48
1711$1,000,000 Titanium$30-0.281$300,000-$8.44
1705$100,000 Cashword 12$10-0.283$100,000-$2.83
1704$250,000 CASHWORD 10$20-0.286$250,000-$5.73
1699$1,000,000 Extreme Cash$30-0.288$300,000-$8.65
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