Scratch Off Odds


Best Game
Don't settle for average scratch-offs, choose Millionaire Extraordinaire! This $30 lottery ticket offers the most thrilling potential with its $540,000 top prize. Check out this game's ROI of -0.219 and expected value of -$6.58.
Top Prize
Unleash Your Winning Potential! Millionaire Extraordinaire offers the ultimate prize of $540,000. But our top ten are packed with possibilities! Go for the $SECOND-HIGHEST-PRIZE with 24K Gold. This game's ROI sits at -0.228, resulting in an expected value of -$4.56.
Game #
Top Prize
1431Millionaire Extraordinaire$30-0.219$540,000-$6.58
140224K Gold$20-0.228$500,000-$4.56
1407Mystery Multiplier$10-0.230$100,000-$2.30
1437Six Figures$10-0.249$100,000-$2.49
1438Cash Blast$10-0.250$100,000-$2.50
1459$500,000 Gold Rush$20-0.253$500,000-$5.06
1364$100 or $200$20-0.254$200-$5.09
1440500X Fortune$50-0.256$500,000-$12.79
1421Triple Bonus Crossword$25-0.257$500,000-$6.43
1418Instant Jackpot$10-0.263$100,000-$2.63
State Activity
Jackpot alert! As of Sunday, July 21, 2024, our top ten lottery scratch-off games are loaded with chances to win big! In the last week alone, players have raked in a massive $12,123,164 from $1,839,279 winning tickets. That's hot! With 1,839,279 tickets already flying off the shelves for a total of $16,785,765, could you be next? Check out our top ten ranked games and uncover your potential windfall!